Why do I need a website?

So you might be asking yourself, why would I need a website? People can find me online with just a search! That might be true but do you have control over the information that is posted about you? Can people see what you do? How will people find out about your events or the latest updates about you? An online search doesn’t reveal much and the information may be outdated. Your very own website is not only a place where people can read about you, but also a place to see, hear, share, and buy goods and services

Is Social Media Enough?

Sure, you might have a Facebook page, a Linkedin profile, or you are active on Twitter and Instagram. But how can you effectively use social media to attract the right people? It’s not just enough to have an online presence through social media, you need to provide the right content to maintain interest and have people come back. That’s how you drive all the likes and followers so that you can reach out to more people. I can show you how to set up a social media page and help you with providing the right content so you can attract your ideal audience! You can create a separate Facebook or Google Business page just for your professional profile. You can showcase your products or talents on Instagram and YouTube. You can reach out to people and engage them by sharing your ideas and thoughts on Twitter.

A Website is So Much More!

Ok, so having a social media presence is a good start but is it really enough? You need a place to tie all these social elements together. A place that brings your audience information about you. A central location that provides resources, ideas, and products to share with people. Think of it as your own online portal. This is what a website can do. I can help you create a website that is customized to your needs, be easily searchable, and is surprisingly affordable. Already have a website? No problem, I can still help by getting more visitors to your site and show you ways to engage your audience.

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