The first step is deciding whether you need a website, a social media page like Facebook, an online store with eBay, maybe a video channel on YouTube, or any combination of these. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish for yourself, your business, or your organization. A website is good to have because you can have multiple pages that may include links to social media, a photo gallery, videos, documents, forms, or an online store. A Facebook page is good to have if you’re going to interact a lot with others, you need to update and inform people, or you need to share photos and videos quickly. An online store is necessary if you’re selling products. And a video channel might be appropriate if you’re promoting your music or perhaps sharing a How-to demonstration.

If you decide to go with a website you need to first select a website name which is referred to as your domain name. Typically this is the name of your business, organization, or personal name followed by .com, .net, .org or various other domains. You first check to see if your domain name is available. And then you pay a fee per year to register your domain name. This fee usually ranges from $5 – $20 per year depending on the domain you choose. The more popular domains like .com or .net cost more than the ones like .info or .biz. Once you register your site, no one else can use it.

How do I register my website? 

If you choose one of the WordPress annual plans one domain name is included. You can tell me which website name you would like, the domain you would like to have (i.e. .com, .net, .org, etc.), and a couple of alternative names in case your first choice is taken.

What do I need for my website?

Good question. I can make suggestions but it’s really all up to you. Do you need an introduction page, an about page, or several pages that explains different aspects of your business or organization? Do you need forms, documents that can be downloaded, or links to other sites? Do you need a photo gallery, videos, or music? Do you need a page to accept online payments or create a storefront? I can create whatever your needs are. From a simple page that serves as an online business card to a more sophisticated site with videos and links to social media… it’s all up to you! You just provide the content and I can do the rest!

Where will my website be stored?

Your website is actually stored or hosted at a web hosting site in this case with WordPress. It has to have storage space to save all your pictures, documents, media, emails, comments, and any other appropriate content. With the WordPress Personal plan you get 6 GB of storage and with the Premium plan you get 13 GB of storage. Both are sufficient for a typical website.

How will my website look on a smart phone?

It’s becoming more common for people to view websites on their iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile phone. Because of their smaller screen size it can be tricky to view websites without having to zoom in and then scroll through the various parts of the web page. Even as screen sizes get larger on these phones you still can’t see the whole page! This can also be true for some tablets as well.

When I develop a website, a mobile version of the site is created that is easier to see and navigate. This is typically a simpler version of your site and may not have all the fancy bells and whistles but it will make it easier for people to see your site from wherever they are!

How will people find my website?

You may think that someone can simply find you by just searching for you using Google, or some other search engine. Sure, you could type in the website address or your name, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Your website may have to go through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a process where you use a combination of key words, key phrases, links, as well as the actual content of your site so that it’s all indexed and tagged by search engines. Of course, by optimizing your site it doesn’t guarantee that your site will come up first but it will increase your ranking and typically come up on the first page of search results. If you choose one of the WordPress annual plans, the SEO is included. I can help with determining the keywords.

How can I effectively use social media?

With the importance of social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s become both easier and more daunting to market yourself or your organization. It’s confusing to know which sites will be most beneficial to you. Based on your needs and expectations, I can help you determine the best approach to promote your website.

So are you set to find out how I can help you?

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